Organization + A blowout makeup sale

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I'd like to say that organization is super important and blah blah blah. But if you know me, you'd know that I'm probably the only girl who wouldn't give 2 seconds to organize anything. As long as I know where all my things are, I'm golden. This applies to (literally) everything except makeup. 
I've found that it saves so much time in the getting ready process to have your makeup out and in front of you, rather than keeping everything stored in a makeup bag. It's so nice to be able to see everything (because I end up forgetting a lot of things that I actually have, oops) and having such easy access to anything! Here's my set up:

I got everything from the Container Store! It's awesome because the top piece is separate from the two drawers, so you can add or take away whatever you want. They make all kinds of combinations so you can really make your own. These also make great jewelry holders too!

You can buy them from GlamboxesAmazonUltaTarget, and of course The Container Store.

Another thing happening right now is the AMAZING Mother's Day sale at BH Cosmetics!!!! I love BH because it's super affordable and the quality is actually really nice. BH Cosmetics is perfect for beginners, because they have SO much to choose from at great prices. The brushes are even used by a lot of famous YouTubers I watch. Prices start from $3. This is a serious sale.

I have a huge shipment arriving Thursday, so hopefully I'll be able to give some more reviews on BH. I got my very first contouring palette from here and it didn't disappoint. All of their palettes are wonderful and I see SO many artists I admire using them. I am OBSESSED with the blush palette I have, mainly because I love to create custom shades by mixing multiple pinks together. 

But like I said, if you are looking to experiment with some new looks or different shades, I highly recommend checking out this sale. I would imagine it's going on through Mother's Day. Get you & your momma some makeup! The prices are so wonderful it's hard to feel guilty after.

Thanks for reading today and I definitely have some exciting things coming up! Don't forget to subscribe! If you buy some things from BH let me know how you like them :-)

My favorite curls, waves, and other hair tips

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Hi guys! Sorry it's been forever. I blame college :/

When I was younger, I hated doing anything to my hair because it was so dang thick (and it most definitely still is). Whenever most people get their hair colored, hairstylists typically use 1-2 bottles of color to dye it completely. Whenever I get my hair done, it takes about 6-8 bottles to do the entire thing. So that's what I'm dealing with..... I shed like no other, but now it's my biggest blessing. I love to do my hair! (Even though it takes an hour or two) Today I am sharing how to do my favorite curls, and also how to modify them to make better-than-beachy waves.

First, I need to show y'all my favorite hair products. Here's the lineup:

From left to right: (everything in pink is a link to the product!)

This hairspray has changed my life and that's not any kind of exaggeration. It's so light but it holds so nicely. It's not sticky at all and it doesn't make your hair gross and crunchy. It also does wonders at protecting your hair against the awful Texas humidity. I like to get the color protection kind, but the regular works just as well. And the smell rocks. 

The Kardahian Beauty Blow Dry Cream helps hydrate my hair before blowing it out. I put this on my (dead) ends and it helps them stay not so matted. It also keeps your hair shiny and less frizzy.

This next thing is my favorite for the big Texas hair look. It's magical volumizing powder, who knew this even existed?! You just hide it underneath your roots at the top of your head, scrunch and poof it up a little, and just like that you have awesome volume. Your hair is BIG. But be careful because it can make your hair pretty greasy and if you use too much, you can see white! Also if you're wanting big hair, this is my favorite teasing comb.

Heat protecting spray is SO important. Protect your hair!! This one's flowery smell is my favorite.

Next on to the curls: 

I love my curling wand, but I have learned that my curls don't hold as well and they can be easily brushed out. I practiced with a real curling iron and realized how much better it worked out for me. I use this 1" iron, it's super cheap and you can get it anywhere. My curls stay nicely for about 5-6 days!

Next, I split my hair in two sections right down the middle. I do this because I curl each side in the same direction, away from my face! That is so important in this look. Sometimes I alternate each piece in a different direction when I tease it for more of those big Texas curls. This is more of an every day/go all week long look. (It's great for me and my dirty hair in college, LOL)
After curling each side in the same direction, you can stop here if you'd like. My only problem with this is that the curls usually clump up together and I hate the way that looks. Here is what my hair looks like after I curl it:

It's nice, but we can do better. To achieve my favorite every day, kind of big retro curls, you take a magic wand also known as a brush, and brush it out. I was scared to brush out my curls the first time, but they all held great and I loved the look. It's important to spray hairspray before and during the brushing though. Like I said earlier, use this hairspray

and then you will be left with this! 

I think this is so pretty, and it looks so clean and frizz-free. The best part about it is that I can sleep on it, brush it out the next day, and it still looks great. I may have to touch up a few pieces in the front, but just give it another spritz of hairspray and you're good. I do recommend the L'oreal hairspray for this especially, because you can spray it on over and over again, and the only way you'd be able to tell it's there is by the way your hair holds its curl all day!

Again, you can stop here and call it a day. But I love to do these Khloe-inspired waves. 

image found here

You do all the same steps as above, but once you finish, just straighten the tips of your hair. You can straighten as much or as little as you want. I had to experiment a little at first, and it doesn't have to be perfect every time. It'll look good any way you do it. Just make sure you still brush and spray. Mine usually look like this:

You guys can compare the two looks and see which one you like more. 
Left is curled ends and right is straight!

My last hair tips I have for you guys are.......

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase! It helps your ends not get tangled up, is soft on your face, and you wake up a with a whole lot less frizz. It's really nice on your hair.
  • Don't wash it every day!! I don't know how many times I will say that. The oils you keep in it helps it grow.
  • If you color your hair, protect it. Make sure to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve your beautiful shade.
  • Also if you have colored hair and you tan in tanning beds, make sure to wrap it in a towel or sometimes I even use my shirt because my hair doesn't fit in one little towel. The UV on your hair makes it fade (and is also super bad for you skin but we've already accepted that)

Thank you guys for reading! And thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback about my first two posts. I am blown away by everyone's nice comments! I hope your hair always looks fab and don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

How did I ever live without you?

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There's a lot of things I like to think I couldn't live without, but these are truly my 10 essentials. They have changed my hair, skin, and home for the better!

As many of you probably know, it's best to not wash your hair all that often. It helps the hair retain oils to make it healthier and I love the way my curls look the next day (maybe even 3 days after...oops). This dry shampoo smells AMAZING. I'm not just saying that because I'm Kardashian obsessed, I'm literally in love with the smell. I spray it on every day to keep my hair looking shiny and not so greasy after I go days without washing it! Perks of dating me, right?!

Otherwise known as the magic fix-all potion. My skin is super dry no matter what season it is, and this makes the dryness go away in less than a day. I've tried so many moisturizers but this one leaves my skin so hydrated. It may sound weird putting oil on your face, but it's so smooth you can't even tell (or see) that it's there. It also brightens and firms your complexion. The other great thing about it is that it literally saved the ends of my hair from the dead. I am one of those girls who fear haircuts, and my ends get pretty dry and nasty. I put this on the ends right before I blow dry my hair and they look just about good as new. I am SO happy I found this miracle product.

These pretty speakers come in 2 sizes, I have the mini one that I take everywhere! The size is perfect and the quality is awesome. It gets pretty loud for such a little Bluetooth speaker. They have so many colors and you can even customize them like I did. I preferred this one over the Beats Pill and the Bose Soundlink Mini.

I am obsessed with this. Whenever my lips are extra dry and feeling super rough, I just scrub this all over my lips. I got the confetti cake limited edition one (I am a sucker for anything cake/cupcake/sprinkles related) it's not sold anymore but she just released some springy ones. This saves my lips and makes them super soft and pretty!

5. Biotin
If you don't take this, you should. It makes my hair and especially my nails grow like weeds! I bet y'all didn't know it also helps with digestion too. It really makes a difference in hair growth.

This is my favorite smell in the whole world. Have you ever smelled Anthropologie or Altar'd State? They use it as their scent inside the stores. It comes in sprays and sticks too, and also like 5 different kinds of jars. It's fruity and kind of grape-y but overall super refreshing and a clean, really pretty smell.

This stuff is always sold out EVERYWHERE because it is such a game changer. I put this on underneath my foundation and it makes me look poreless and matte, just like that airbrush blurred finish that everyone wants. Smashbox also has other kinds of Photo Finish primer, like hydrating and different color correcting kinds. There's also mini tubes available for half the price if you'd like to try them out!

This is by far my favorite eyeliner because it literally stays ALL day. Once when I fell asleep with all my makeup on (I'm sorry facial Gods), I woke up the next morning and my eyes seriously looked the same as before I went out. Nothing moved or smeared. The felt tip is wonderful for any kind of eyeliner look you want to go for. 

Since contouring is so popular right now, I have tried so many contour palettes and bronzers, but I fell in love with this magic stick. It's basically a giant pen that you contour your face with. It's super smooth and blendable. I blend it with a beauty sponge after applying it to my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. If you're trying to contour, this is definitely what you need. Here's what application looks like by yours truly: 
Robe (leopard no longer available, linked similar) | Necklace | Headband

I will never wash my face with just my hands again after seeing how much you actually leave behind! My skin is so incredibly clean after I wash with this thing. There's so many kinds of Clarisonics out there, but I just got the first Mia with the universal speed. There's tons of different brush heads for acne, pore minimizing, etc. I love it and so does my face!

What are y'all's essentials?! I'd love feedback!

10 things you should know about me

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Hi guys! I'm so glad y'all have made it here to my blog. 
I have considered blogging for a while, but I was worried I wouldn't have much to talk about. But then I thought, who am I kidding?! I have so much to talk about. 
Fashion blogs are so popular at the moment, and I'm very guilty of stalking my favorite fashion bloggers daily. I love them! But in reality, what college girly is going to go out and buy your YSL purse? (I sure wish I could!) I feel like sometimes people are just looking for a way to show off the things they own, but hey, maybe if I had 50 Louis' I would too. Nonetheless, fashion blogs are super fun to look at, but I decided I wanted to blog about something more people my age could relate to. I would call this more of a lifestyle blog where I share things of all categories, not limiting to just one! 

As my first post, I figured I should introduce myself and let you readers know more about me. 
Here's 10 things you should know:

1. I LOVE to share my opinion about everything. Even if you might not care, I will still let it be known. I am very opinionated and some people love me for it, but some people also hate me for it. 

2. Good food is everything. If you follow me on Snapchat, there's a chance you already know this due to all my mouth-watering food snaps. If you're looking for a good brunch, call me, I'll take ya. Lubbock unfortunately has limited my options. 

3. I am a sophomore currently at Texas Tech University. It's been fun, I did my time, and now I'm ready to get outta here. Quick. Lubbock really isn't as bad as people try to make it out to be though. Actually compared to other college towns, Lubbock is pretty awesome and it has way more than you'd think. It's just not the place for me! I am transferring in the fall and getting back to Dallas ASAP.  

4. I looooooove the Kardashians, but before you exit out of my blog (because chances are you hate them), keep in mind I don't agree with most of the things they say or do. They are more of a fashion/beauty icon to me. They do some pretty irrational things I know, but they look awesome 24/7. Khloe is my girl though.

5. Lubbock has also turned me into an extreme shopaholic. I wish I was kidding or maybe exaggerating a little, but it's true. I need to seek help. But the problem is that there's really nothing to do out here. If I'm not shopping online, I'm boredom-shopping at Target for whatever little goodies I can find. But Ulta is right next door....and so is World Market....and then there's DSW right next to that. So really it's just a continuous cycle. I truly believe I have developed a real behavioral addiction and I need a 12 step recovery program. 

6. I am a makeup hoarder. I love makeup of all kinds and even if I find a product I love, I can't stop there. Need makeup advice? I'm ya girly. 

7. I am a 10+ year Cheer Athletics alumni, aka a retired competitive cheerleader. If you're not familiar with competitive cheerleading (most likely you've seen some "famous" cheerleaders on Instagram, I promise it's waaay more than that) you should take 2 minutes and watch a video of my team from the world championship in 2010 here. I'm still very involved in the cheer world, since all 3 of my diva little sisters have taken after me. 

8. I have 3 perfect kitties. A fluffy teacup persian, a giant maine coon, and a domestic longhair with type 2 diabetes. It's true, he requires two insulin shots daily. I am more than in love with those cats and they will be the reason I turn into a crazy cat lady.

9. I love to Yelp! (I've turned my sweet boyfriend into a closet Yelper too) When you try as many crazy restaurants like I do, it's a must to post reviews and read reviews before trying. If you don't Yelp, I recommend that you get on that. I love to look at pictures of dishes when I don't know what to order at a restaurant. And it's great for when you're out of town and not familiar with the area. It's also good for businesses' reviews too, like looking for a new nail salon to try or something like that. If you're already on Yelp, add me as a friend! I'd love to see your reviews.

10. Lastly, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my life. Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. I was even in this awesome program where I was able to work as a CNA at the hospital every day for a high school class credit. I got to go inside the operating room and watch procedures, take patient's vital signs, and even ride around in ambulances and hang out with the super awesome (and cute) firefighters of Frisco, Texas. During my freshman year of college, I had to take general chemistry and wow it truly ruined my life. People say that chemistry at Texas Tech has the highest failing rate of any class, but I'm not sure if that's 100% true. Anyways, I didn't fail, but still it made me despise chemistry and I can't see myself doing it for 4-10 more years of my life without jumping off a cliff. I'm interested in dental school also, but that too involves torturous chemistry and other hard sciences. I really don't know what I want to do, but I need to make a choice/commitment quick. Help.

Well that's it for today. Thank y'all so much for stopping by and I hope to catch you guys here again!