It's a Plexus Party!

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Hi guys, I know it's been a while. Anyways, I wanted to let y'all know about something really exciting I'm getting myself into. I have thought about it for a while, but I have finally decided to become a Plexus Ambassador! So if you're looking to lose weight, get healthy, and change your life- I'm your gal. I'm going to give y'all the rundown about everything Plexus.

What Plexus is:
  • A company that provides many products that are for ANYONE & EVERYONE who want to lose weight, have more energy throughout the day, improve their blood pressure & cholesterol, get rid of stretch marks, get their guts into shape, fix their allergy issues, help anxiety/depression, treat ADD/ADHD symptoms, get rid of migraines, treat eczema, and MUCH MUCH more
  • Not just weight loss
  • All natural!!! 
  • A company that has changed thousands of peoples lives

What Plexus is not:
  • Something that I'm trying to make money off my friends with (trust me I have an awesome job that already pays the bills...Nordstrom bills that is)
  • A scam. Believe me- the products work. And there's hundreds and hundreds of people out there that are living proof. They even have a money back guarantee. 

What Plexus did for me:
January 2015-September 2015

  • Well, I don't know if y'all noticed, (let's be real- I'm sure you did) I gained the 'Freshman 15' when I went to college. But the worst part was that I gained it in the first semester (gasp) of my freshman year. And also it was more than 15 actually. So college life clearly took a toll on me. Finally, this summer, I was able to lose over 20 pounds and I now weigh less than I did in high school!! Plexus helped me get over the plateau I had gotten stuck on and helped me lose even more weight than I thought possible.  Plexus has also helped me keep it off even when I'm not dieting and eating as small portions as I did this summer. Because we all know going back to school is hard and stressful and sometimes you have to stop by Crooked Crust and get pizza after a hard 3 hour physics class on Wednesday nights. Every time I step on the scale, I am so shocked to see I haven't even gained .1 of a pound! I am more confident than ever and I am so in love with my body. Went from size 8 to size 4!
  • I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, and I'm also a junk food junkie. Plexus has helped with nearly all my cravings. Before I started Plexus, I would wake up in the morning with the biggest craving for Chickfila breakfast. Like the second I opened my eyes, my stomach would instantly be telling me to get up and go get some Chicken Minis. And throughout the day after I ate any kind of meal I would always crave something sweet. Now, thanks to Plexus, I wake up like a normal person without craving salty foods and after eating a meal I can shockingly go without dessert. It has definitely gave me more will power than I have ever had before and I am so thankful!
  • Plexus has actually helped with my performance in school as well. Usually it has been so hard for me to concentrate and focus on my teacher for more than 10 minutes. With Plexus I am able to focus the entire class time without getting distracted. And if for a minute I do get distracted, I can instantly snap back to class mode.
  • Along with focusing, Plexus has helped me stay awake longer. When I went to Texas Tech, I literally did nothing. I didn't have a job or any other stressful obligations, yet I was SO tired every single day. I wouldn't even have that much homework, but I was never able to finish it because I would fall asleep shortly after starting it. I would fall asleep in the middle of my homework usually around 9 PM. I was such a grandma it started to become concerning actually. But now, I have a job, and all kinds of homework (I know it's only the 3rd week, but I am not lying when I say I already live at the library!!) but I am able to finish everything and staying up later than usual to finish it is no longer an issue for me. On Plexus, I have never felt more productive and being productive makes you feel really good!
  • Going along with giving me energy to stay awake, it also gives me energy to go to the gym which is something I've struggled with ever since I stopped cheering. I became the biggest, laziest girl who would drive to the gym and turn around and drive back home once I got there because I had no motivation to actually make myself go inside. Now I actually WALK TO THE GYM (bizarre, huh?!) and I'm able to spend at least an hour there. That's a big deal for me. Plexus gives you so much energy it's awesome.

What Plexus has done for other people:


Along with the health benefits, Plexus has given so many people financial stability. After becoming an ambassador, people are able to retire and continue to make full time income through Plexus. 

 My favorite Plexus products:
  • Plexus Slim: The one that truly started it all. A packet of pink powder makes for a delicious pink drink. It tastes exactly like a cherry blow pop. I crave the taste every morning. It's the main product that gives you energy and promotes weight loss. I drink it every morning and could not imagine a day without it.
  • Block: Like chips & queso? Do you ever want to eat a huge burger and fries without gaining 5 pounds? Or even a huge pasta dish. Block is a supplement you take before you inhale all the yummy stuff like carbs and sugar. By taking Block, it's like you really only ate half since it absorbs starches and sugars. This pill has saved my life when I'm craving salty french fries!!! 
  • Accelerator: If you need to jump start the beginning of your diet, Accelerator will help you with just that. This pill helped me get over my plateau when I couldn't lose anymore weight. It also helps suppress your appetite.
  • Boost: This is another pill I take with the Slim. It gives me a ton of energy and really helps suppress my appetite. This is for any and all stages of your diet, rather than the Accelerator which is mainly for jumpstarting the beginning of your diet.
Plexus has many other awesome products such as body creams and breast check kits. Visit my page to read more about them here!

I recommend anyone who's considering trying Plexus to buy a sample pack so they can test it out. Here is a link to the Slim trial packs.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about Plexus!!! I would love for y'all to try it and see how awesome you feel. Thank you guys so much for reading and I would love to help you guys out if you need it! You can message me on here, Facebook, or at my email:

Spray Tanning 101

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I feel like a changed person. I haven't used a tanning bed in almost 2 months! I've been hearing so many skin cancer stories lately, so I decided to stop and hopefully save my skin from even more aging later. Being a competitive cheerleader for about half my life, everyone knew how important it was (and still is) to be so tan in your uniform. I have tanned for way too long and I've just been in denial about it.
With it being summer, I'm constantly wearing shorts and I'm just going to be honest- white legs hurt my eyes. At least mine do. But I'm also the laziest human being on this earth. I'm not going to spend all my days off in the blazing heat laying out...who really has time for that anyways? And I'm trying to be better on my skin. Duh. 
This has led me back to spray tans. I want everyone who's afraid of spray tans or talk so poorly about them to STOP! Spray tans are not scary. And even though people instantly think of the "orangeness" when they hear the words 'spray tan',  I need y'all to realize that IT'S 2015 PEOPLE. There's really good ones out there. And us spray tan girls (+ guys) are protecting their skin. Yes, there might be some weird chemicals or something in there you're "painting your body with," but I can promise it's WAY less harmful than UV rays and you're decreasing the risk of skin cancer. And also yes, people can really overdo it sometimes with the self tanner. I just really hope that everyone has a good friend out there that'll be straight up and tell you when to lay off the bronzing. So if you have an orange friend- help them out and let em know in the nicest way possible :-) But if you get a high quality spray tan and take care of it as best as you can, most likely you'll be pleasantly surprised about your results. 
There are many different kinds of spray tans. You can get one from a tanning salon in an automatic booth or you can get an airbrush tan done by a professional. If you're choosing between going to a tanning salon booth or getting airbrushed- choose airbrush every time. It's more expensive but it's definitely worth it. The day after your spray tan, just make sure to take a shower so it doesn't get on your clothes and to make sure you're not a scary color. I promise it always looks better after a shower!

Automatic Booth Tans

Where you can get it: Commonly found at pretty much ANY tanning salon from the small local ones to the big corporate ones such as Palm Beach and Planet Tan.
What it looks like: You can get really dark from Versa. It's my go-to if I don't have time to make an airbrush appointment. You have the option of light, medium, or dark. I always get dark but that's because I'm naturally a little darker than others. If you have more fair skin, definitely start off with light or medium. I like to get a spray right before bed so I wake up to good color and don't have to go anywhere after I get it done. This is because after any spray tan, you will be super shiny. You have the options to get 'clear' or 'bronze' meaning you can either get the formula that develops more over time or you can get the one with instant bronzer in it. After either one your face will look really shiny (like it's oily or you're really sweaty) but with clear, you won't look like you got a spray tan because the color will develop in the next few hours. I always choose to get bronze because for some reason the color the next day is darker and more natural even after your shower. A lot of people don't like to get bronze because right after your spray, you can get really speckly especially on your face. I don't mind it though, especially since I'm going straight to bed. No matter if you choose dark or clear, your tan won't be 100% developed until about 8-12 hours after. So if you get dark and walk out of the salon unhappy with your results, just know that after 8-12 hours and a shower you will look totally bronzed and normal.
The coverage: Versa is awesome because the machine tells you to do 4 poses to ensure even coverage. With this one, you never have to worry about missing a spot unless you do the poses wrong. There's a poster on the wall though that you can always look at if you forget what to do with your arms or legs. I never have issues with streaking or white spots doing Versa. The color is so even everywhere on your body.
The application process: The VersaSpa is an open booth, and many people prefer it for that reason. You just stand in the middle of the machine but it never completely closes so you don't feel trapped inside. The machine talks to you the entire time and tells you when to turn and stuff. The machine has a little heater in it, but you're pretty cold the entire time. The application process lasts about 2 minutes and there's no drying off after because the machine will dry you with warm air as soon as you finish each pose.
The smell: ALL spray tans smell. I describe the smell as a potato-ey french fry smell. I don't know. It's weird. But you will get used to it. After a spray tan my boyfriend calls me his Potato Princess...isn't he special?! :-) But it goes away the next day after you shower. Versa does give you a stronger smell than Mystic though.
How long it lasts: Versa lasts about a week, but it all depends on how you take care of it. You must constantly moisturize with lotion that has no mineral oil in it. Wherever you get your tan done you can talk to them about what lotions to use, but they ALWAYS tell you not to use lotions from Bath and Body Works :/ If you get the moisture lock it will definitely last a lot longer.
Cons: Personally, the only bad thing to me about VersaSpa is that the color can be inconsistent. Some days I have good Versas and other days I will look too bright and unnatrual. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've been spraying since 5th grade (for cheer-don't judge me) so you'd think I'd have it down by now. But on my good days, it's REALLY good. And on my bad days I just have to take a hot shower and exfoliate the excess off.
Extra bonuses: Spray tans will dry out your skin, so it's important to always moisturize. With Versa, you can get 'Moisture Lock' which is an extra spray at the end which is basically really thin and quick drying lotion. I love it because it smells so good and it REALLY helps extend your tan. You can also get formula that makes your tan develop in about 4-6 hours instead of the 8-12. This is for people who want to shower quicker or maybe they're in a time crunch. I'm not really sure but I've never felt the need to get it LOL.

Mystic Tan HD
Where you can get it: It's just as popular as Versa, so it's found at every corporate salon and a lot of small local ones. It's been around longer than Versa, but don't get confused that it's 'older' because it has been completely changed since it's older days. Hence the HD.
What it looks like: I definitely recommend this for people with more fair skin. Whenever I want a nice glow rather than a dramatic dark spray tan, I opt for medium. It looks really nice and not overdone. A lot of people like Versa more than Mystic, but it really depends on what kind of color you're looking for. If you'd rather have an even glow rather than look like you just spent the week in Mexico, Mystic will be just fine for you. Mystic is a little bit more customizable than Versa, only because you can buy extra bronzers to put in your solution for $5 each. There's 3 different color bronzers you can add, and I always choose 'sunkissed' because apparently it looks more natural. I can't compare it to the other 2 because that's the only one I've ever tried! Like Versa, you have the option of light, medium, dark and either the bronze or clear. If you choose to get dark, you may want to put a breathable hairnet on your face. The salon provides those for your hair, but they have tiny holes in it making it perfect to put on your face if you don't want such a dramatic color. You will still get sprayed on your face but it won't be as bright. When I do dark Mystics, my face is honestly bright orange until I take a shower. I promise after the shower you will look normal.
The coverage: Not as good as Versa. It does not do a good job of getting the insides of your arms especially upper arm near the armpit. Also sometimes even after you take a shower you will still look speckly. My legs always turn out awesome and flawless but from my waist up, it can be a little questionable sometimes if I get the darkest one. I think its because the poses aren't like Versa where you put your arms up at different times. I have never had any problems with the medium color though! I've never tried light.
The application process: People sometimes hate Mystic because you're in a machine that closes completely. It's completely lit though, so it's not like you're trapped in a dark machine... It doesn't bother me but it's hard to not breathe in the solution. It's actually a lot warmer inside than Versa because it is totally heated and blows hot air the whole time. The machine still talks to you the whole time and tells you exactly where to put your feet. It lasts a bit longer than Versa at about 4-5 minutes. I like to stay inside the booth for a few minutes after I'm finished just to make sure I'm completely dry. You're supposed to dry off but I'm scared I'll mess up my tan while it's still a little wet. I just stand in the hot air to dry so that I just walk out and put my clothes on and leave!
The smell: You still get a little hint of potatoes, but it's definitely not as strong as Versa. And with Mystic you can actually buy a scent to put in, or buy a few to mix together. The scent lasts until you take a shower so I never really buy them. But it is really cool!!
How long it lasts: It still depends on how you take care of it, but for me it doesn't last quite as long as Versa. So about a week or a little less. My chest and face always go the quickest.
Cons: I don't like how I end up speckly sometimes, so I learned to only do Mystic when I don't want to get SUPER dark. And the coverage is not top notch. But I would recommend everyone to try it at least once to see if you like it.
Extra bonuses: I mentioned the bronzers you can buy to add on and just know that those REALLY make a difference. I definitely recommend buying one if you choose to do dark. Also I mentioned the scents which are really neat. I believe they do have something similar to Versa's moisture lock, but I have never tried it before.

Versa vs. Mystic
Versa if you're trying to get super dark but Mystic if you have more fair skin and you're trying to get a pretty glow. Like I said, you should try both to see which one is a better fit for you. The reason that I'm comparing the two is because often most salons have both of these to choose from!

Where you can get it: I get mine at Sol Co., they have 2 locations in DFW. Other small and locally owned salons may have these, as they are new and organic and not very popular yet. Palm Beach and Planet Tan definitely do not have a Norvell booth.
What it looks like: People rant and rave about how awesome these are, but it's just like Versa. The color was a little more natural than Versa, but it definitely didn't blow my mind like I hoped. It was still very nice though. I got dark bronze, but I actually wasn't speckly after at all. You do have the light medium dark and bronze or clear options.
The coverage: This is what blew it for me. The inside of my thighs didn't get any color at all. The poses were so weird and I was so angry about my inner thighs. I also got some super weird white spots on my arms that I had never got before from a spray tan. Other than that, my legs looked nice. It wasn't totally awful but I just had really high expectations for the Norvell booth.
The application process: Sucks. The booth is SO weird like it's totally open and small and you're sooooo close to the nozzle where the spray comes out. I feel like that's why I didn't get very even coverage. It talks to you and tells you which pose to do, but you only get .5 of a second to get into that pose. It starts spraying way too fast before you can comfortably get into the next pose. It lasts about 5 minutes total. And since it's completely open you're so cold the whole time!
The smell: Just as strong as Versa. And you are SO sticky after.
How long it lasts: This might be the only thing it has going for it. It lasted a little longer than a week and a half. And it didn't look like I had a skin disorder on my chest as it faded away. It was nice.
Cons: Not even. And I felt way too rushed.
Extra bonuses: It is organic which is cool. And also Norvell sells their solution in different lotion and spray forms so you can buy it and touch up whenever you need to. I bought the face spray and I love it. It's so nice since your face does fade so quick you can just spray on a little more at home. And when your neck starts to crack you can just spray on some solution to fix it.

Airbrush Tans

I'm sure that not every airbrush place uses the same formula, but an airbrush tan will look flawless 98% of the time. They are absolutely wonderful and I recommend getting an airbrush membership somewhere if you can.
Where you can get it: You can Google someplace near you. But for the DFW area, I recommend Tantrum Tans. They have like 8 locations here. I have been pleased with every airbrush tan I've got anywhere honestly, even in Lubbock. The only reason I'm saying Tantrum is because they have so many locations here and I loved my tan. However, I was not very pleased with the way they want to charge you. I will discuss in the next section.
What it looks like: It looks awesome and SO natural. Like no orange hints at all. And since you have a professional spraying you, it's hard to get streaky since a real person is doing it and they can see everything they do. It still takes a while for the full tan to develop, even though you think you look awesome even right after the application. You wake up and look even better. It's awesome. After my last airbrush I was even able to go to Northpark and shop the whole rest of the day. I didn't look scary or that shiny. Just very smelly. Sometimes you have the light, medium, and dark option but sometimes you do not. You just have to talk to the technician and they will help you with that. At Tantrum, I got a dark "double dip" which is 2 coats of spray tan. I absolutely loved it. It wasn't too dark and it looked really natural. They have a location in Denton like a street behind my new house, so I was so ready to get a membership. They have a monthly membership for 'unlimited' spray tans which costs $109. I was okay with paying that because that's close to what I'm already paying now at Palm Beach for unlimited everything and I don't even use it. I called to buy the membership at Tantrum and asked if I'd still be able to get unlimited double dips too. They said I'd have to pay an extra $30 for unlimited double dips... I thought that was absolutely absurd because it's supposed to be $109 for UNLIMITED SPRAY TANS. I don't think they should charge you $139 a month just so you can get an extra coat sometimes. So I didn't get a membership. I'm really bummed about it because I loved the job they did on me. Maybe I will just suck it up and get the regular unlimited membership. I just don't think that's right though :(
The coverage: Totally even since it's a real person doing you. I understand there's probably better airbrush technicians than others, so if you get a bad one don't blame me LOL. But all my airbrush experiences have been great.
The application process: It's just a person spraying you! You can wear a swimsuit or nothing at all. Some people think it would be super awkward to stand completely naked with your arms and legs spread out in front of a stranger but they do that for a living and it goes by really quick. I promise it's not weird unless you make it weird :-) The time depends on your technician, but it lasts no longer than 15 minutes. It's just nice since they can see the spots they've sprayed and the spots they haven't.
The smell: Just as strong as a Versa.
How long it lasts: It lasts forever. Not really but it lasts nearly 2 weeks.
Cons: It's just a little more expensive. And it sucks having to make an appointment rather than being able to just walk in and do it whenever on your own time. And clearly I'm still angry about the whole double dip thing!!!
Extra bonuses: At Tantrum I know you can add shimmer to your tan and they have a moisture lock too. You can also do the thing where you are able to shower in like 4 hours. I'm not sure that every airbrush place has those options so just check beforehand.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have about spray tans! Take baby steps. If you're nervous, don't get dark your first time.

Random Life Updates

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I think it's been 5 years since I've last posted.... This is the first time I've picked up my computer in like a month! So unlike me. I haven't been feeling like myself lately but I'm doing my best to get back to normal! I thought getting back to blogging would help.
A few weeks ago everything was going great and it felt like everything was falling into place. I got a great job, signed a lease for the cutest little place in Denton, and even lost 15 pounds. On June 5th, my grandpa passed away. No one was expecting it because he was pretty young, still working for his own little business, and just about 100% healthy. He had a fatal accident on his tractor that morning and didn't have a pulse by the time the ambulance came shortly after it happened. Just thinking about it makes me so angry. I don't understand why it had to happen to such a good, hardworking man like him. It's been so hard on my family but we're managing to get through it with the help of so many great friends lifting us up. So thank you guys!
Enough with the sad stuff, I'm so excited to start my new life in Denton. My family found me the most perfect one bedroom duplex right across the campus. I can't wait to make it all super cute and share it with you guys. I'm really just excited that I don't have to go back to Lubbock and I won't have any roommates! I would love to find a bengal or ragdoll kitty, so if y'all know a good place I could get one in July, please let me know.
So expect some exciting posts to come because I have a lot of new things that I've been loving lately. Hopefully I can figure out how to use my new camera a little better too LOL. I just wanted to make sure y'all didn't forget about me :-) thanks for reading and come back soon!!!

Summer Approved Foundation: Drugstore Edition

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Hi y'all! First off I just want to say thank you to all 30,000+ people who read and shared my last post!!! I was seriously so blown away, but that's how you know competitive cheer is really that serious :-)

Since summer is finally here I decided to update you ladies with my favorite foundation routine for the hottest days of the year. The best part is that it's super cheap too!! You can buy these foundations anywhere, but I've found them to be cheaper at Target rather than Ulta. I wore them every day in Disneyworld where I was constantly sweating soooo much. The foundation left me with perfect coverage all day, and somehow I never got oily or shiny even through the heat and humidity. If you prefer matte finishes like I do, you will be amazed at how long you stay completely shine free. The finish also photographs wonderfully (just in case you were wondering if maybe you're like me and take 500 selfies a day) !!

Both are made by L'oreal - True Match & Infallible Pro-Matte
(applied with my Real Techniques sponge shown in the middle)

So what I do is I take these two foundations and put a few drops of each on the top of my hand and mix together with my finger, then apply to my face. I tend to use 2 parts Infallible, 1 part True Match. I use both because the Infallible does give the perfect matte finish, but the True Match contains a little bit of sunscreen to protect my face in the summer. It is also easier this way to create the perfect color to match your face. You just have to mess around with it a bit to find the right combination for you! Even together, this gives you full coverage but doesn't feel thick and heavy on your face. It's light for summer, but both are definitely buildable if you desire a more harsh coverage maybe for going out at night. 

I apply my foundation combo to my face using a wet beauty sponge. I prefer the Real Techniques (linked above) sponge, but that's because you can buy two at Ulta for half the price of one authentic Beauty Blender sponge. I run the sponge under water and squeeze out the excess before applying. This is to make sure your foundation gets blended evenly throughout your entire face. I know it sounds weird, but trust me it works. All the professionals do it!! If you have never worked with a sponge before, just know that it takes a little more time to use rather than a brush. This is because you have to dab all of your foundation on your face. With my finger, I put a drop of foundation on my forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek. To blend it in, you literally have to use pouncing motions with the sponge to dab it onto your entire face. Just think about bouncing the sponge into the foundation and then bouncing all over your face. It's a lot harder to explain through text...maybe watch a YouTube video if you are unsure :) I have found that using a sponge rather than a brush gives you a more light, airbrushed complexion that leaves people wondering if you're actually wearing makeup or if you just have super healthy flawless skin! 

These are definitely my favorite drugstore foundations. I have two colors of each so that I can wear them when I'm super pale or super's that serious. I wanted y'all to see how it looks in different lighting so scroll down for pictures of my face :-) but thanks for reading guys!! If you would like my posts emailed to you as soon as they're published, just subscribe in the box on my page. I would love to hear from y'all, so post a comment if you have any questions or suggestions or if you're just super bored and want to say hi!

PS- Above on my lips I am wearing the 'Brink' Lippie Stix from ColourPop Cosmetics. It's the perfect dark nude and I'm obsessed with everything they have!!!! Make sure to register to their site to get $5 off your first purchase!

Competitive Cheer: Everything I wish I could say when I don't know whatto say

Regardless if you're a current competitive cheerleader or you retired from the sport (yes, it's definitely a sport), you've been there- the awkward situation where you're not exactly sure how to explain what you do to someone who knows nothing about it. The quote "from the outside looking in it's impossible to understand and from the inside looking out it's impossible to explain" describes it perfectly. The cheer world is a completely different universe. People don't understand everything that truly goes into being a competitive cheerleader, and I would never expect them to understand if they haven't been in our Nfinitys. Cheerleading will make you cry because you're so frustrated or cry because you're so happy, but when it comes down to it, cheerleading truly changes your life.
I decided to write this post after I experienced life on both sides, the competitor and the spectator.

When people ask what competitive cheerleading is, I start by saying it's nothing like the sterotypical cheerleaders you see on TV. The competitive cheerleader is full of confidence, knowledge and ambition. These girls and boys are the definition of leadership and perseverance. We give everything we have to the sport we love, and that's why we should be respected as athletes. Competitive cheerleading is 100% a sport, zero questions asked. No matter how many YouTube videos you try to make them watch, there will always be those ignorant people who are convinced what we do is not a sport. That doesn't bother us (too much) though, because nothing they say will ever be able to take away the countless victories we've had as cheerleaders. We let them keep talking as we perform in front of thousands and thousands of people and appear on ESPN and CBS Sports. That's okay though, because we probably don't want them in our world anyways. All we can do is feel sorry for those people because they don't get to experience something so impactful and life changing, something that is truly bigger than yourself. 

Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can truly say that I've learned so many life lessons and things about myself that school or anything else would've never taught me. I joined a sorority in college, giving me 250 new sisters in my chapter that would help me through the years to come. It's been cool, but it doesn't come ANYWHERE close to being on a squad with 35 of your genuine brothers and sisters you've come so far with. The people on your team are the greatest people in your life. Your teammates are ALWAYS cooler than your friends at school (sorry yall), and that's because you share something so special with them. You win with them and you lose with them. You fight with them. You grew up with them. They've seen you at your worst and they've seen you at your absolute best. Through it all, they will never judge you. They don't judge you for what you look like in a sports bra & Nike pros, and they don't judge you for the person you're dating or what you wore to school that day. Most importantly, they don't judge you for how many spray tans you get or how big your hair is. Regardless of the kind of day you were having, walking into the gym was like a fresh start. You forgot about your problems and left your attitude at the door. When you see your teammates every day, they know pretty much every detail about you. They know how you act when you're happy and they know what you do when you're in a bad mood. Your teammates will do anything to pick you up again. They'll be the ones to chew out the guy that broke your heart. They all have your back like you have theirs. It's the type of friendship that lasts for life. 

The coaches are a whole different story. They are also your best friends, but they have so much to teach you. They will joke around and mess with you, but at the end of the day they're the ones you owe all your success to. You may get so frustrated with them for yelling at you or making you condition till you puke, but you wouldn't trade them for the world. Making them happy and proud is your number one priority. Watching them go crazy when you hit a perfect routine is what makes it all worth it. The way they flail their arms and jump all over the place when all your stunts hit gives you the kind of adrenaline rush that's absolutely unexplainable. Your coach is there for you always, giving you the type of advice not even your parents can give you. 

Competing is why we do it. It's the feeling you get when you're on deck standing behind the stage and you hear the music end for the team in front of you. It's hearing your team's name being called out and taking the mat in front of thousands of people screaming for you. It's the ginormous smile on your face when you can see absolutely nothing except for the bright lights shining on you as you say a quick prayer for your team. In those two minutes and 30 seconds, you are truly "high on life." Competing is honestly like an out of body experience.. Some crazy inner super ninja comes out and gives you the strength and power to make your tumbling feel like you're actually floating on air. It's like you're not even concentrating on anything because it's such a rush- your body literally takes over.  And at the end of the day, placement really doesn't matter. Your biggest competition is your team itself. The feeling of hitting a perfect routine is the ultimate victory, because that was the goal in the first place. All you can do is hit the best routine you possibly can and after that, it's all in the judges hands. It's the feeling of all your hard work paying off and seeing your coaches so proud of you. It's overcoming all the issues your team has ever had and coming together as one. It's the feeling you get as your pyramid hits and you know you did it. You put everything you have left into that dance and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. Winning is awesome, but it's not everything. Winning doesn't define all that you & your team has accomplished. It's truly the journey you experienced getting there rather than the number the judges gave you.

Through it all, the cheer world is one huge family that's constantly growing. We understand each other. We owe it to our teammates, our coaches, our other competitors, and our parents. To the parents that sacrificed so much to have you cheer and the parents that spent so much of their time driving you to and from practice. The parents who agreed to have their kids cheer when they knew nothing about it, only to get them just as crazy about it as you are. It's amazing to grow up in a gym and watch it get bigger one day at a time. It's even crazier to watch the itty bitty kids on mini level teams grow up and become amazing performers. It's seeing the underdog gyms come to competitions and getting better and better each season, to where they may even become your competition. It's impossible to escape from the cheer world because it's always changing and you always want to keep up, even if you've retired. It's something that you can't give up because it's made such a huge impact on your life. It's something you never even want to give up, because you have a great amount of pride to be able to say you were a part of something like it. 

Now I am able to say that being on the other side officially sucks. I miss everything about and I wish I could go back. If you're able to try out- do it. Do it for those who can't. It was seriously the time of my life and I met my forever friends. My experience was something that I'll carry with me forever, and I can speak for all competitive cheerleaders when I say that. People that aren't like us will never be able to understand, and it's pretty cool for all of us to share an unspoken bond like that. 

Organization + A blowout makeup sale

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I'd like to say that organization is super important and blah blah blah. But if you know me, you'd know that I'm probably the only girl who wouldn't give 2 seconds to organize anything. As long as I know where all my things are, I'm golden. This applies to (literally) everything except makeup. 
I've found that it saves so much time in the getting ready process to have your makeup out and in front of you, rather than keeping everything stored in a makeup bag. It's so nice to be able to see everything (because I end up forgetting a lot of things that I actually have, oops) and having such easy access to anything! Here's my set up:

I got everything from the Container Store! It's awesome because the top piece is separate from the two drawers, so you can add or take away whatever you want. They make all kinds of combinations so you can really make your own. These also make great jewelry holders too!

You can buy them from GlamboxesAmazonUltaTarget, and of course The Container Store.

Another thing happening right now is the AMAZING Mother's Day sale at BH Cosmetics!!!! I love BH because it's super affordable and the quality is actually really nice. BH Cosmetics is perfect for beginners, because they have SO much to choose from at great prices. The brushes are even used by a lot of famous YouTubers I watch. Prices start from $3. This is a serious sale.

I have a huge shipment arriving Thursday, so hopefully I'll be able to give some more reviews on BH. I got my very first contouring palette from here and it didn't disappoint. All of their palettes are wonderful and I see SO many artists I admire using them. I am OBSESSED with the blush palette I have, mainly because I love to create custom shades by mixing multiple pinks together. 

But like I said, if you are looking to experiment with some new looks or different shades, I highly recommend checking out this sale. I would imagine it's going on through Mother's Day. Get you & your momma some makeup! The prices are so wonderful it's hard to feel guilty after.

Thanks for reading today and I definitely have some exciting things coming up! Don't forget to subscribe! If you buy some things from BH let me know how you like them :-)

My favorite curls, waves, and other hair tips

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Hi guys! Sorry it's been forever. I blame college :/

When I was younger, I hated doing anything to my hair because it was so dang thick (and it most definitely still is). Whenever most people get their hair colored, hairstylists typically use 1-2 bottles of color to dye it completely. Whenever I get my hair done, it takes about 6-8 bottles to do the entire thing. So that's what I'm dealing with..... I shed like no other, but now it's my biggest blessing. I love to do my hair! (Even though it takes an hour or two) Today I am sharing how to do my favorite curls, and also how to modify them to make better-than-beachy waves.

First, I need to show y'all my favorite hair products. Here's the lineup:

From left to right: (everything in pink is a link to the product!)

This hairspray has changed my life and that's not any kind of exaggeration. It's so light but it holds so nicely. It's not sticky at all and it doesn't make your hair gross and crunchy. It also does wonders at protecting your hair against the awful Texas humidity. I like to get the color protection kind, but the regular works just as well. And the smell rocks. 

The Kardahian Beauty Blow Dry Cream helps hydrate my hair before blowing it out. I put this on my (dead) ends and it helps them stay not so matted. It also keeps your hair shiny and less frizzy.

This next thing is my favorite for the big Texas hair look. It's magical volumizing powder, who knew this even existed?! You just hide it underneath your roots at the top of your head, scrunch and poof it up a little, and just like that you have awesome volume. Your hair is BIG. But be careful because it can make your hair pretty greasy and if you use too much, you can see white! Also if you're wanting big hair, this is my favorite teasing comb.

Heat protecting spray is SO important. Protect your hair!! This one's flowery smell is my favorite.

Next on to the curls: 

I love my curling wand, but I have learned that my curls don't hold as well and they can be easily brushed out. I practiced with a real curling iron and realized how much better it worked out for me. I use this 1" iron, it's super cheap and you can get it anywhere. My curls stay nicely for about 5-6 days!

Next, I split my hair in two sections right down the middle. I do this because I curl each side in the same direction, away from my face! That is so important in this look. Sometimes I alternate each piece in a different direction when I tease it for more of those big Texas curls. This is more of an every day/go all week long look. (It's great for me and my dirty hair in college, LOL)
After curling each side in the same direction, you can stop here if you'd like. My only problem with this is that the curls usually clump up together and I hate the way that looks. Here is what my hair looks like after I curl it:

It's nice, but we can do better. To achieve my favorite every day, kind of big retro curls, you take a magic wand also known as a brush, and brush it out. I was scared to brush out my curls the first time, but they all held great and I loved the look. It's important to spray hairspray before and during the brushing though. Like I said earlier, use this hairspray

and then you will be left with this! 

I think this is so pretty, and it looks so clean and frizz-free. The best part about it is that I can sleep on it, brush it out the next day, and it still looks great. I may have to touch up a few pieces in the front, but just give it another spritz of hairspray and you're good. I do recommend the L'oreal hairspray for this especially, because you can spray it on over and over again, and the only way you'd be able to tell it's there is by the way your hair holds its curl all day!

Again, you can stop here and call it a day. But I love to do these Khloe-inspired waves. 

image found here

You do all the same steps as above, but once you finish, just straighten the tips of your hair. You can straighten as much or as little as you want. I had to experiment a little at first, and it doesn't have to be perfect every time. It'll look good any way you do it. Just make sure you still brush and spray. Mine usually look like this:

You guys can compare the two looks and see which one you like more. 
Left is curled ends and right is straight!

My last hair tips I have for you guys are.......

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase! It helps your ends not get tangled up, is soft on your face, and you wake up a with a whole lot less frizz. It's really nice on your hair.
  • Don't wash it every day!! I don't know how many times I will say that. The oils you keep in it helps it grow.
  • If you color your hair, protect it. Make sure to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve your beautiful shade.
  • Also if you have colored hair and you tan in tanning beds, make sure to wrap it in a towel or sometimes I even use my shirt because my hair doesn't fit in one little towel. The UV on your hair makes it fade (and is also super bad for you skin but we've already accepted that)

Thank you guys for reading! And thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback about my first two posts. I am blown away by everyone's nice comments! I hope your hair always looks fab and don't hesitate to ask me any questions.